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By Ron Campbell 12/12/2012
It is time to push the panic button on the Lakers season. They suck, they stink and they are terrible. They play no defense, give up a ton of points and have no continuity on the offensive end of the court. more...

By Marlon Benjamin 11/15/2012
Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills
- The Dolphins are the 5th best team in the NFL against the run and the Bills are the 6th best team at running the ball so naturally this game will be won in the air. Miami 24 Buffalo 20.more...

By Ron Campbell 11/12/2012
If anybody can get these guys on the right track it is Phil. What Mike Brown was doing with this group was disgraceful. If you think about it he was 1-12 with a team full of all-starsmore...

By Marlon Benjamin 11/2/2012
Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings
The Vikings have come back to earth losing 3 of 4 after a 4-1 start and the Lions are taking off wining 3 out of 4 after starting 1-3. Lions 33 Vikings 20.
Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints
The Saints have given up at least 400 yards per game to opposing offenses in an NFL record 7 straight games but I just do not believe in the Falcons. N.O. 40 Atlanta 34. more...

By Ron Campbell 11/05/2012
Let’s get right into it last week I said James Harden would struggle, I even went as far as to say he would only average 18ppg for the seasonmore...

By Marlon Benjamin 11/2/2012
Miami Dolphins at Indianapolis Colts
The Dolphins are playing excellent defense while the Colts have found consistency on both sides of the ball very elusive. Miami 20 Colts 16.
Buffalo Bills at Houston Texans
The Texans are in a completely different class from the Bills. Texans 37 Bills 20. more...

James Harden Trade
By Ron Campbell 10/28/2012
Harden was looking for a max deal even though he is not a max playermore...

By Marlon Benjamin 10/13/2012
Tampa Bay at Minnesota For some strange reason I just cannot take the Vikings seriously. T.B. 24 Vikings 19.


By Marlon Benjamin 10/13/2012
St. Louis Rams at Miami Dolphins
The Rams are going into Miami and they are going out to come out with a victory. Rams 22 Dolphins 16.


By Marlon Benjamin 10/05/2012
Cleveland Browns at New York Giants
The Giants should take out their frustrations of missed opportunities in Philly last weekend. NYG 33 Cleveland 17.
Green Bay Packers at Indianapolis Colts
The Colts have been more competitive than I thought but even this Pack team is in another class. GB 27 Indy 14. more...

By Marlon Benjamin 9/28/2012
*Disclaimer - I picked the Browns to upset the Ravens 24-20 in the Thursday night game via @thehoopsforum on twitter so I start this week off 0-1.
Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans
I am still not sure how the Titans managed to put up 44 points last week but I am 100% certain it will not happen this week. Houston 33 Titans 16. more...

Rajon Rondo: The GQ Intern
Return of Derrick Rose
By Marlon Benjamin 9/22/2012
*DISCLAIMER - @thehoopsforum - I tweeted this yesterday. No Bradshaw, No Nicks… I am still going with the G Men. Giants 24 Panthers 20. Buffalo Bills at Cleveland Browns
I am not a huge fan of either team more...

By Marlon Benjamin 9/14/2012
*DISCLAIMER* my tweet from yesterday ...I can't see the Packers going 0-2... GB 27 Chi 20.
Arizona Cardinals at New England Patriots
The Cardinals have the near impossible task of beating the Patriots more...

By Marlon Benjamin 9/7/2012
*DISCLAIMER - I picked the Giants to beat the Cowboys on Wed. night so I am going in 0-1.
Sunday September 9th
Indianapolis at Chicago
Andrew Luck will learn quickly that an NFL road game to start your more...

By Marlon Benjamin 9/3/2012
It is THAT time of year again. The NFL is ready to kick off the 2012-13 season on Wednesday night (Giants vs. Cowboys) and there are (by my count anyway) at least 7 teams who have a REALISTIC shot to win the Vince Lombardi trophy on Feb 3rd. In the last 10 years the NFL has seen 6 different teams win titles (Pats, Steelers, Giants, Colts, Saints & Packers) 3 AFC teams & 3 NFC teams. With the exception of the Colts each more...

By Ronald Menard 6/12/2012
This series should be epic, kind of like Marlo versus Avon, Lannister versus Baratheon but much less bloodshed. This series is essentially for best player in the NBA. Let’s look at five key things each team needs to do to win more...

By Marlon Benjamin 5/25/2012
The San Antonio Spurs and the Oklahoma City Thunder will meet in the Western Conference Finals starting Sunday night and it will be the first time they have met in the playoffs since OKC migrated from Seattle. The teams overall are evenly matched. The Thunder more...

By Marlon Benjamin 4/27/2012
When the East is in the house, DANGER! Well not really. The Heat, the Bulls and the Celtics (with an outside chance) are the only teams that can win the Eastern Conference. The Knicks are trending up, but without emerging point guard Jeremy Lin I cannot take the Knicksmore...

Around the NBA
By Ron Campbell 3/14/2012
The Warriors bring back Stephen Jackson who pretty much forced himself out a few years ago and Andrew Bogut. Andrew Bogut has not played 82 games since his rookie year.more...

By Marlon Benjamin 2/28/2012
As the All Star festivities have come to an end the NBA season picks up with 13 Western Conference teams battling for 8 playoff spots and the Knicks and the Celtics as 7th and 8th seeds respectively in the Eastern Conference.more...

Around the NBA
By Ron Campbell 2/16/2012
Last week Bill Simmons of Grantland blasted Rajon Rondo on his podcast and in an article. He basically said Rondo needs to be traded. Frankly everyone has been blaming Rondo for the Celtics struggles. Tonight Rondo had 35 points and Donnie Marshall stated that Rondo was going for self.more...

Around the NBA
By Ron Campbell 2/1/2012
The Clippers molly-woped the Thunder last night and already I got a ton of calls from friends telling me that the Clippers are the best in the West. more...


AFC & NFC Championship Predictions
By Marlon 1/21/2012
New Orleans Saints at San Francisco 49ers
Tom Brady has been here many times before and every time he has been here he has succeeded with a perfect 4-0 record in AFC Championship games. This game, however has a different feel from the others. This is a game that Baltimore really more...

Around the NBA
By Ron Campbell 1/18/2012
I actually questioned the Nate Robinson signing but he has proven to be an asset for the Warriors. more...

NFL Divisional Predictions
By Marlon 1/14/2012
New Orleans Saints at San Francisco 49ers
The record setting Saints offense has been performing at such a break neck pace leaving me to wonder if it will ever be stopped. The answer to that is not exactly. What will happen though is the elements and some old fashioned keep-a-way. more...

By Ron Campbell 1/9/2012
I haven’t written anything in a few weeks because my new year’s resolution was to quit smoking so I have been concentrating on that.

NFL Wildcard Weekend Predictions
By Marlon 1/7/2012
Cincinnati Bengals vs. Houston Texans
In a potential battle of rookie QB's I am inclined to lean towards the team with the better running game and defense

NFL Week 16 Predictions
By Marlon 12/24/2011
Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Atlanta Falcons
Matt Ryan has been virtually unbeatable at home. I see the Jags doing nothing about that. Falcons 24 Jags 16.

The HoopsForum Power Rankings
By Ron Campbell 12/23/2011
NBA is starting and even though the Mavs won the Championship the Heat are the team to beat. Let’s take a look at the preseason power rankings


NFL Week 15 Predictions
By Marlon 12/15/2011
Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Atlanta Falcons
Matt Ryan has been virtually unbeatable at home. I see the Jags doing nothing about that. Falcons 24 Jags 16.


By Ron Campbell 12/15/2011
I don’t think this was a good deal for the Clippers because first and foremost Chris Paul has bad knees. more...

By Ron Campbell 12/13/2011
The Clippers nixed the latest deal for Chris Paul. Eric Gordon, Minnesota’s unprotected number one pick, Chris Kaman , Al-Farouq Aminu and Eric Bledsoe was way too much more...

NFL Week 14 Predictions
By Marlon 12/8/2011
Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers should have absolutely no problem with the Browns. NONE. Steelers 27 Browns 13.

Sunday's Games
Baltimore Ravens at Indianapolis Colts
The Colts are feel more and more LUCK with each loss. Baltimore 24 Indianapolis 7. more...

NFL Week 13 Predictions
By Marlon 12/1/2011
Philadelphia Eagles at Seattle Seahawks
This game features a couple of playoff teams from a year ago that will be watching the playoffs this season from the comfort of their living rooms. Eagles 24 Seahawks 20. more...

By Ron Campbell 12/1/2011
The NBA is back and I am very happy. So who were the winners and losers of the lockout? Who cares basketball is back and that is all that matters. more...

NFL Week 12 Predictions
By Marlon 11/23/2011
Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions
The Packers are as vulnerable as they will ever be going on the road on a short week against an upstart Lions team positioned perfectly to prove their legit contender status. Packers 33 Lions 28.
Miami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys
Both teams are coming into the game on 3 game winning streaks. This should be a very interesting tilt with home field ultimately being the deciding factor. Dallas 24 Miami 13. more...

NFL Week 11 Predictions
By Marlon 11/17/2011
New York Jets at Denver Broncos
The Jets are beat up and coming off a game in which they gave up the most points (37) in the Rex Ryan era. So easy win for Denver right? Nope. Jets 30 Broncos 10.
Oakland Raiders at Minnesota Vikings
The Vikings are in a fortunate position this week to play one of the few teams in the league that may be worse than they are, and they are at home. Vikings 20 Raiders 13. more...

NFL Week 10 Predictions
By Marlon 11/10/2011
Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers
The Chargers are not playing well right now, but the Raiders are playing much worse. San Diego 31 Oakland 16.
Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs
I said last week, Denver wins when you least expect it and vice versa. Kansas City 24 Denver 14. more...

My Rare View 1/2 Season Awards - NFL Season Week
By Marlon 11/4/2011
1. MVP
Aaron Rodgers QB, Green Bay - This sentiment should be nearly unanimous.
2. Defensive Player of The Year
Jared Allen DE, Minnesota - 13 sacks, 3 forced fumbles and an interception in 8 games. WOW. more...

NFL Week 9 Predictions
By Marlon 11/4/2011
Atlanta Falcons at Indianapolis Colts
I just cannot picture any scenario in which the win less Colts pull out a victory against a Falcon team fresh off a bye.Atlanta 23 Indianapolis 13. more...

Around the NBA Lockout
By Ron Campbell 11/3/2011
I don't want to spend too much time talking about the NBA as I am totally disgusted by this lockout. More than anything this lockout is a slap in the face to the fans. The fans who stuck around during the NBA's drug era (1970-1981), the over expanded not that entertaining era (1990-1999), the 1999 lockout, the thug era more...

NFL Week 8 Predictions
By Marlon 10/27/2011
Miami Dolphins at New York Giants
The Dolphins have the same # of wins as % chance they have of beating the Giants this week. Giants 27 Dolphins 13.
Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans
Jacksonville is coming off an impressive defensive display against the Ravens on Monday night and the Texans won last week by 34. I like the home team. Houston 24 Jaguars 17. more...

My Rare View - NFL Season Week 7
By Marlon 10/26/2011
1. The legend of Tim Tebow continues to take on a life of its own.
2. Dallas Cowboy rookie RB DeMarco Murray broke Hall of Famer Emmit Smiths single game rushing record by gashing the hapless Rams for 253 yards rushing. more...

NFL Week 7 Predictions
By Marlon 10/21/2011
Atlanta Falcons at Detroit Lions
For some reason I just cannot commit to the Lions bandwagon or hop off of the Falcons. Atlanta 20 Detroit 16.
Denver Broncos at Miami Dolphins
Will the winless Dolphins capitalize on a golden opportunity to pick up a rare win against the 1 win Broncos at home? Nope. Denver 21 Miami 17. more...

My Rare View - NFL Season Week 6
By Marlon 10/20/2011
1. The 1-5 Minnesota Vikings are terrible and a change at the QB position is long overdue. 2. Rookie QB Andy Dalton has led the surprising Bengals to 3 straight victories and a surprising 4-2 start, including 2-1 on the road more...

NFL Week 6 Predictions
By Marlon 10/15/2011
San Francisco 49ers at Detroit Lions
The Lions continue to fly high and are unbeaten after 5 weeks while San Francisco is coming off a 45 point win. This game can go either way and I think the Niners are for real. 49ers 28 Lions 24. more...

My Rare View - NFL Season Week 5
By Marlon 10/13/2011
1. It's Tebow time in Denver. The cult hero replaced Kyle Orton in the second half of Sunday's game against the Chargers and led a second half rally not seen in that city in over a decade. Of course they still lost but that is a given right? more...

NFL Week 5 Predictions
By Marlon 10/8/2011
Philadelphia Eagles at Buffalo Bills
Will the Eagles fall to 1-4, forcing them to play near flawless football for the rest of the season. No. Eagles 35 Bills 27.
Tennessee Titans at Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers are banged up but after starting the season with 3 of 4 on the road, I think some home loving is in order. Pittsburgh 24 Titans 10. more...

My Rare View - NFL Season Week 4
By Marlon 10/5/2011
1. Megatron, Stafford and the rest of the Lions, OH MY! If these boys from Detroit keep it up they may just have a home playoff game and anything can happen from there.

2. The Colts dropped to 0-4 even though QB Curtis Painter completed an 87 yard touchdown pass Monday night against the Bucs, something Peyton Manning has NEVER done in his entire career more...

NFL Week 4 Predictions
By Marlon 9/30/2011
New Orleans Saints at Jacksonville Jaguars
The Saints are as dangerous an offensive unit as there is in the entire NFL. Going into their week 4 matchup against the Jags, they are tied for 2nd in the NFL averaging 34.7 points per game. N.O. 34 Jacksonville 24. more...

My Rare View - NFL Season Week 3
By Marlon 9/29/2011
1. The Vaunted "Dream Team" in Philadelphia lost their second game in a row and their starting QB was also injured for the second game in a row. Looks like things are not going to be as smooth in Philly as many predicted prior to the start of the season. more...

Around the NFL
By Harold 9/23/2011
The perception of a player can change from week to week or even game to game and that has been the case with Tony Romo this past week. After his horrendous week 1 miscue where he temporarily thought he was playing for the Jets and threw a great pass to Darrelle Reavis, the best thing that could have happened to him was breaking his ribs and puncturing his lungs. It sounds weird saying and typing it but just for the simple fact he did break his ribs and punctured more...

NFL Week 3 Predictions
By Marlon 9/23/2011
San Francisco 49ers at Cincinnati Bengals The Niners lost a heartbreaker last weekend to the Cowboys in overtime but should be able to bounce back nicely against the surprising 1-1 Bengals. Niners 28 Bengals 17. more...

My Rare View - NFL season Week 2
By Marlon 9/20/2011
When the Carolina Panthers game ended in a loss to the defending champion Green Bay Packers, Cam Newton became the first rookie in NFL history to pass for over 400 yards in his first two career starts and set an NFL record having passed for 854 yards combined in the first two games of the season. more...

NFL Week 2 Predictions
By Marlon 9/16/2011
The Jets were EXTREMELY fortunate to beat the Cowboys at home in week 1. They will not need nearly as much good luck to get by the Jags. New York 24 Jacksonville 10.more...

My Rare View - NFL season Week 1
By Marlon 9/14/2011
1. Denver Broncos fans better be careful what they wish for because they just might get it. It is always trendy for fans to campaign for the back-up QB when the starter is neither hot nor popular however Bronco fans have taken it to the extreme by chanting in unison for the teams 3rd string QB. Bronco nation please have a seat, take a deep breath and get in tune with reality. John Elway does not play any more and Tim Tebow is not his reincarnate.more...

By Marlon 8/26/2011
Unlike the NBA, we KNOW we will have an upcoming NFL season. The NFLPA and the Owners reached an agreement last month to ensure that. The regular season kicks off on Thursday September 8th in Green Bay and it is shaping up to be one of the most competitive seasons ever. Besides the Packers, there are 6 other teams who will open the season with a starting QB who has won at least one Super Bowl (New England, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis (if Peyton can go), New York Giants, New Orleans and Pittsburgh). Ironically each of the last 4 Super Bowl LOSING QB's had all won a Super Bowl prior to losing (Brady 2008, Warner 2009, P. Manning 2010 & Big Ben 2011). Competition has never been this fierce more...

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