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Opening Night Convo

Godfather: I told ya’ll all summer long, Brandon Roy sucks. We all got to see what he can do against a good team last night. He didn't score a basket til the fourth quarter when the game was already decided. Travis Outlaw, and Rudy Fernandez held the Blazers down. Greg Oden is terrible, and I see him have a very short career.

Gentleman: The downer prediction, it was the first game of the season against the Lakers relax, Brandon Roy will be fine, I think Oden will be fine as well, I think the blazers are just being very cautious in how they handle him. The Lakers looked real good though.

Zoo: B. Roy had more points than Richard Jefferson .... Ha ha ha ha ha .... I told ya'll IDIOT the Bucks are TERRIBLE ... Maybe now u UNDERSTAND us ...

Btw ... How is D. Rose IDIOT you know very little about this game ...

The Lakers SUCK ...

Godfather: Check the stats again, RJ did his thing scoring 15 points against a tough Chicago team. Brandon Roy missed every shot he took, and only scored when Coby Karl was inserted into the game. Another guy I told ya’ll about Travis Outlaw did his thing, he scored 18.

Zoo: You are so STUPID ...

RJ - 15 pts 5-17fg, 4 rebs 2 asts in 38 minutes against Bulls ... Lottery team

B Roy - 14 pts 5-15fg, 3 rebs, 5 asts and 3 stls in 37 minutes against WEST CHAMPS ...

And I watched BOTH games ... I am sure you did not.

Gentleman: Neither played exceptionally well but Roy did play better.

Godfather: I went to bed, no need for me to watch an over hyped team not even compete. It was 49-24 late in the second quarter. I went to bed after the announcer was like Roy is 0-9. Go stroke him and make him feel better. Travis Outlaw is their best wing player, followed by Rudy.

Zoo: Outlaw is o.k. Webster is a little better overall ... Roy was 0-9 and finished 5-15 ... Lol ... Portland will be very, very very good mark my words ...

Gentleman: Travis Outlaw doesn't even start what are you talking about Roy is by far their best player on the team. I hate when you start making crazy comments

Zoo: Godfather is so emotional it’s comical ...

Godfather: How did Roy play better, he didn't hit a shot til they were down almost 30 points. Why don't you guys admit it, you find Roy attractive.

Godfather: The season has definitely started, you sound retarded. Martell Webster is a jerk, who has nothing, I repeat nothing on Travis. Watch, it is going to be Travis's team, real soon. Let Roy play point.

Zoo: Funny how Travis will be a reserve when Martell comes back ... You are so emotional .... Ha ha ha ... But then again you said Rose sux and to "watch" out for the Bucks ... Ha ha ha ha

Godfather: Hey do you remember this?

Honorable Mention:

Richard Jefferson, Milwaukee Bucks.
2007-2008 record: 26-56.
2008-09 Preseason Rank: Tier 3.
The Bucks best player is Michael Redd but Rich Jeff will compliment him and Andrew Bogut very well with his slashing style of play. The Bucks will run this year despite losing solid point guard Moe Williams. If any pg keeps his head up he will always be able to find Jefferson streaking on a wing ... and he might be able to streak the Bucks into the playoffs in the suddenly bottom heavy Eastern Conference.

Zoo: Yeah I REMEMBER ... do you UNDERSTAND the words MIGHT and HONORABLE MENTION ... you GUARANTEED I know better too many IFS for the BUCKS ... also do you REMEMBER this:
Playoff Teams:
1. Boston
2. Detroit
3. Cleveland
4. Orlando
5. Philadelphia
6. Toronto
7. Atlanta
8. Washington NO mention of the BUCKS making the OFF's ... CLOWN

Godfather: KG sucks by the way, the only way the Celtics can win the championship, is if Pierce has a monster year. And it looks like he will be having 1.

Ha ha ha what about this.

1. Portland Trailblazers. Many pundits, experts and anyone that knows anything about the game of basketball expects this young Blazer squad to compete for a playoff spot in the ultra competitive West. I will watch Portland to witness the emergence of what is one of the games most underrated stars. Yes he was an All Star last season but Brandon Roy may already be a top 10 player in terms of impacting his team’s wins. He is clearly the leader of his team and he has not come close to reaching his peak as a player. In 3 years as Kobe draws closer to mortal-ness look for Roy to be the best shooting guard in the West.

Zoo: It was 1 game and Oden got hurt ... which may be a reoccurring theme btw. And they were missing Webster there best wing player. C'mon they are fine....they played the West champs who were 100% healthy and at home ... wake up BOZO ... the Blazers are for real.

Godfather: Even Barkley said, these guys are going to have a tough time making the playoffs. Martell Webster is a one dimensional shooter, I'm not sure why you’re talking about him like he will make an impact. Also with the way Rudy and Travis play, I doubt their will be much time for Webster. Fernandez looked really good, for awhile, he was the only one balling.

Zoo: Rudy is going to be fine he is the ONLY perimeter player on the roster no1 has "figured" out yet ... Once his tendencies are scouted he will be a little less impactful ... But I like him, he is GOOD. Webster is tough ... The Blazers look so so soft w/o him. Prysbilla was their toughest player last night ... Things will not bode well if that continues. Also the Blazers were very passive which is a direct reflection of their head coach ... They need to play with much much more urgency on a nightly basis ...

Godfather: You guys are emotional, whenever Roy goes up against somebody good, he looks terrible. He is the future of the West, yeah right, he is garbage and I'm going to destroy his career.

Gentleman: You are drawing to many conclusions from the first game of the season.

Commish: I like the Blazers talent as well but quite honestly they looked ridiculous last night...I still think they are good but Zoo u definitely blacked out when u said Roy was a top 10 player based on impact of team wins...that was a retarded statement...almost as dumb as the Godfather saying he sucks...he's a very good player nowhere close to NBA's top 10...lets not be stupid...Joe Johnson is better than him and he's not top 15...H, I think your being too critical of them...they played the Western Conference champs...and then u give B!tchard Jefferson a pass when they played a lottery team...hahaha...he's a role player at best man...The Bulls r not good they just played a team that sucks...Rose did play well last night...he's a future star... not SUPERSTAR

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