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Opening Night Convo

Godfather: Yeah I told ya’ll about the Knicks, Travis Outlaw, Tony Allen and Wilson Chandler.

Zoo: You sure did ... The Knicks beat a team that started 2 rookies, Outlaw is a wack up, I mean back up, Allen is another "reserve" you called and Wilson Chandler has played like 2 good games in his career ... Nice job u sure know a lot about ball ...

Godfather: Toronto had a good game against Philly, but they are still only good enough to lose in the first round of the playoffs. The Nets and Vince are going nowhere like Vince Chase's career.

Zoo: Toronto is actually not that good of a team ... The Olympian is what makes them so dangerous ... Now that teams cannot double him b/c of J.O. he will show the world why he made TEAM USA and led them in fg % and rebounding in the Olympics …

BTW when I said Corey Maggette would avg more than 25 ppg this season I was laughed at ... You guys were right to laugh @ me ... I was wrong ... He might avg 30 ... IDIOTS do you guys know ANYTHING about basketball?

Godfather: I don't recall you saying he was going to average 30. I know he would average about that much, have you noticed, he is on my fantasy team. BTW, I'm looking to get rid of Noah and Duhon. Actually Toronto is pretty good. They were getting smoked, and Dalembert was rejecting everything. Anthony Parker and Jason Kapono started knocking down shots which opened up the floor for Jermaine and Bosh. Parker and Kapono are underrated and I think Jemario is going to have a good year.

Philly is terrible. Brand couldn't finish inside, and they have no outside shooting. Igoudala, Young, Miller and Lou are all streaky shooters. While Kapono and Parker, if they have day light, it is going in. I think Maurice Cheeks is going to get fired. Who ever said they can see Andre winning a Finals MVP is a complete Moron.

Zoo: If you re read PINHEAD I said Maggette would avg 25 but I WAS WRONG cause he might avg. 30 ...

Those clowns in Toronto suck ... It's ONLY cause of Bosh those fools get open looks cause no 1 on that team except Bosh can create their own shot ...

Andre Iguodala is a special talent who is obviously a victim of extremely poor coaching ... Cheeks is awful...

Godfather: Andre Igoudala sucks; he can't hit a shot if his life depended on it. There was no double teaming, dudes were just running off screens and stroking.

Zoo: As usual you get extremely emotional after 1 game ... Sheeesh ...

I really liked what I saw out in G.S. last night ... They had a line up down the stretch of Jackson @ the 1, Azibuke, Maggette, Harrington and Biedrins b4 he fouled out ... That lineup could have won them the game ... They were playin classic Nellie ball frustrating D. West and making Peja put the ball on the floor ... UNFORTUNATELY for them they still could NOT DO A THING wit the kid CP3…

... Gentleman: I didn’t watch of any of that game, I was watching Memphis vs. Houston. I will say it now Memphis will be the most entertaining team this season. Darrell Arthur played great last night 11points and 15 rebounds. Mayo showed flashes but he was 5-20 and never got to the foul line.

Zoo: Mayo is aiight and Rudy G. is tough ... everyone else on that roster looks lost ... Houston is going to be a MAJOR problem ... I will pay VERY close attention to them tonight in Dallas...

Godfather: I wouldn't be so quick to jump on the Rocket bandwagon, with all their hype, it shouldn't have even been a game with Memphis, but it ended up going down the wire. D. Arthur is tough and will probably start within the next week. Marc Gasol is tough as well. Kevin Love had 12pts 9 and two blocks, he is going to have a great career.

Gentleman: I wouldn't be surprised if Houston loses…

Zoo Love is a CLOWN ... They were not playing anyone ... Btw Houston is FOR REAL no bandwagon, that team is WELL coached and have ALL the pieces ... They just need to get their CHEMISTRY down ...

Zoo: DUH!!! they are on a back to back and Dallas did not play last night ... BUT I wanna see HOW they come out and play after Memphis played them tough last night ...

Godfather: I like what I saw out of the Suns as well. Their half court offense was much better. That is what D'Antoni didn't have in his play book, a distant half court offense. TP and Duncan will both need to average 30 a game for S.A. to be competitive.

Zoo: You are quite silly ... S.A. is missing their 2nd best player and as I UNDERSTAND it any team w/o their 2nd best player would be in a WHOLE lot of trouble out West ... But they do appear to be more competitive ... S.A. would prob have to go 6 or maybe the full 7 to beat them this year ... I like N.O. L.A. for NOW is clearly the best team out West but in a 7 game series I can see the UPSTART Hornets beating them

Godfather: New Orleans is not ready to go to the next level. David West and Tyson Chandler would have absolutely nothing on Bynum and Gasol. Mo Pete, and Peja can't stop Kobe, Farmer, Ariza, Fisher and Walton. The only advantage the Hornets would have is at point guard. They don't have the athleticism to compete with LA. I expect the Hornets to take a step back.

Zoo: Well I saw Posey and Rondo shut the door on Kobe, Farmar, Ariza and Fisher (Walton is irrelevant and out of the rotation pea brain) ... Also Lamar is DONE ... Pau is Pau and Bynum will wear down I guarantee it ... Another interesting point was raised ... Kobe has been shooting around 40% since the Western Conference Finals ... L.A. cannot win w/o him increasing his efficiency ...

Godfather: I'm not worried about Kobe's effiency. Posey and Rondo, had Garnett and Perkins backing them up. Also top to bottom the Celtics were better then the Lakers last year. The Hornets are not that good, I wouldn't be surprised if they lost to the Suns tonight.

Zoo: Hornets will BLOW Phoenix AWAY tonight ... Count on that...

Gentleman: Kobe should have gotten surgery on his finger

Zoo: He is still prob the BEST 1 - 3 players in the league ... EASILY .... He is just not as fluid as usual and his turnovers have been Wade-like over his last 30 NBA games ...

Gentleman: Kevin Love had 12pts and 9rebs, Jason Thompson 18pts 11rebs, I really hate Don nelson Marcus Williams, Marco Belinelli, Brandon Wright and Anthony Randolph didn't play that is stupid

Zoo: That dudes SUCK Gentleman that is why...

Gentleman: Yo, Mario Chalmers had 17pts, 8asts and 7rebs. That is great, 8pts 8rebs 2blks for Brook Lopez.

Zoo: YOU did not watch the game .... He made plays but when you play against D'Antoni he ALLOWS the opposition to "get theirs" he is not that good ... as for Lopez ... he has Vince so of course he'll look aiight ....

Godfather: I dropped Greg Oden for Jason Thompson, he looked good in the summer league I'm not surprised by his play. I will tell you guy’s one thing, the league has never been so competitive.

Gentleman: Oh btw Zoo the Heat will never win a championship with DWAYNE WADE AS THEIR BEST PLAYER

Zoo: Gentleman in 2006 THEY ALREADY DID ... he is playing wit TWO rookie starters ... SHEESH ...

Godfather: Shaq was the best player.

Kobe’s shooting looked fine to me the last two nights. The Lakers are ridiculously big, deep and athletic. Farmer and Fisher are the only players under 6-7.

Dwayne Wade is terrible, that Heat team is going no where. There was one play where Wade jumped in the air and threw it out of bounds. That is so JV.

It is no coincidence that you said you played against Banks several times over the summer, because he sucks. He is pure trash. Their is no way he gets another contract.

Zoo: Wade avg 34 in the Finals.

Shaq avg 11 in the Finals.

Your right Shaq was their best player ... FOOLS!!!

Gentleman: Dwayne had more turnovers then both rookies combined, Beasley had 3, Chalmers 1 and Wade 5, ha-ha I know the prices.

Zoo: DUH!!! Wade has to do more than those CLOWNS ... So according to the boobs-ie twins Shaq wins 3 Finals MVP's with the Lakers but KOBE was their BEST player ... Wade wins a FINALS MVP wit Shaq and Shaq was still the teams best player ... Although A. Walker outscored him as well? No wonder one of you think Denver is gonna win their division and be a 3 seed and the other thinks Memphis is gonna be tough ... When will ya'll get this game ... WHEN?

Godfather: Shaq was, he drew double teams which allowed Wade to operate. Tim Donaghey was the Finals MVP in 2006, ahahahhaha

No Wade attempts to force the offense to much. He also can not shot 9-24 against the Knicks.

Zoo: The LEAGUE is terrific ... It is a great time to be a fan ... I told dudes about Danny Granger ... He is gonna be a star ... Also I like what I saw out of the Bucks ... Oh wait minute they played the worst team in the league .... Ha ha ha ha … they SUCK.

Godfather: I think Philly is going to be the team that doesn't live up to expectations.

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